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Helllo everybody, welcome to USUK’s world ~~~

You know, USUK’s a old fandom although we have so much resources especial Doujinshi, almost doujinshies were deleted or unpublic on Internet. I know USUK about 2 years ago, when I want read doujinshi, I have a lot of trouble. So I decided make a blog collect all of doujinshi I can find (include: Eng (main) , Jap, Esp, Chin, Vietnamese….). This blog I can read online when I lay on bed and use my phone.

Original I post doujinshi’s cover or illustration and add link in this. I used to have a translation group, I understand scan-translation group’s feel if you see your works were uploaded another where. But I can’t stand many unorganized sites with outdated download links….. In the end, I post and public all of doujinshi I have if it hadn’t upload anywhere yet. I don’t want more follow or never put earn link in my doujinshi or any ill intentions.

I just hope this blog is useful for some else, who love USUK like me. If you have any question or anything, please contact me politely.

Thanks for reading.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/sakurahayato1909